Who is the Yank without a Chain?

The Yank without a Chain at Angkor Wat

The Yank without a Chain at Angkor Wat

Hello there. My name is Erica, and I’m just a girl from the suburbs of New York trying to navigate the world, learn as much as I can, and not go broke while doing it. I’ve taught English in three countries (Russia, the US, and Colombia, if you’re curious) and currently do a lot of freelance materials development and online teaching. I’m proud to have established a location-independent lifestyle, and when I figure out exactly how I did it, I’ll let you all know.

In this blog I chronicle my travels. My main interests are hiking, foodscuba diving, and street art, but I’ll write about anything interesting I see and happen to take photos of.

In May 2014 I will embark on a year-long working holiday in Australia. After a whirlwind 20-country tour over 12 months, I’m eager to get myself relatively settled somewhere and start working a more “normal” job for a little while. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop exploring, though!

9 thoughts on “Who is the Yank without a Chain?

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  2. So you decided to join the small clan of Uncle Spike followers….
    That makes me a happy blogger now – I really appreciate you making that special mouse click.

    Hope you like my upcoming posts and if you get bored one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too.

    If you have any likes, dislikes or suggestions about my blog, just let me know, either through ‘comments’ or via email. Always welcome reader input 🙂

    Have a great old day…


  3. hello Erica,
    Thanks for your interesting file about street art in Chiang Mai. I am a french retired man, sharing my life between Paris and Chiang Mai and as soon as I can I go to find new paintings and graffitis in both cities.
    On my blog “aufildejb.centerblog.net” I have created a column about this art and you will find some same pictures like yours from Christ Soper, for example.
    Sorry for my bad English(as all the french people !)
    Friendly yours
    Jacques Barbery

  4. Hi Erica! We are looking forward to following your travels 🙂 Thank you for the post card from Australia. We love hearing from you!! xo
    Jen, Marc, Ashley & Rachel

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