A Brief Tour of Bogota’s Street Art

Toxicomano's character Eddie

Toxicomano is a street art collective that created the character of Eddie to represent a generation of Bogotanos who are not served by capitalism

Graffiti is not illegal in Bogota, which accounts for the abundance of tags, stencils, and murals that adorn the walls throughout the city. The benefit of having legal street art, which may seem counter intuitive to Westerners who oppose the practice, is that since artists have more time to spend on their work without fear of being arrested, the outcome is usually a much more impressive, colorful, and well-thought-out piece than they would create otherwise.

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My 10 Favorite Restaurants in Bogota

Colombia, and Bogota in particular, is not known for having particularly flavorful or diverse foods. Bread is too sweet, cheese is too bland, meat is too… smashed. You will soon tire of the 5,000 peso corrientes that are so popular among locals for lunch and you will seek out better fare. Luckily, Bogota does have a growing food scene and there are a handful of restaurants that could rival some of the better meals I’ve had in New York. Here’s a list of my top 10 favorite restaurants that I visited.

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