Diving on the Great Barrier Reef: Pixie’s Reef

A juvenile GBR lionfish seen at Pixie's Reef at night

A juvenile GBR lionfish seen at Pixie’s Reef at night

During the Taka trip there were 3 night dives. I’d only done one night dive before, in Thailand as part of my AOW course, so I’m still a bit freaked out by the experience. The first night I did a flouro dive, which is night diving with a special torch and mask filter to illuminate the fluorescent colors of the corals and some of the fish. I didn’t bother trying to take photos and simply enjoyed the experience.

The second night we dived on Pixie’s Reef and I did bring my camera to try to take some pictures. I found it difficult to juggle my torch and the camera, so didn’t get many good shots. Here are the few decent ones.

The third night I had an amazing night dive on Princess Bommie, where I saw a stonefish, a gigantic hermit crab, and lots of beautiful rainbow fish. However, as it was my last dive of the trip and I didn’t think I’d get good pictures anyway, I didn’t bring the camera for that dive.

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