A Brief Tour of Bogota’s Street Art

Toxicomano's character Eddie

Toxicomano is a street art collective that created the character of Eddie to represent a generation of Bogotanos who are not served by capitalism

Graffiti is not illegal in Bogota, which accounts for the abundance of tags, stencils, and murals that adorn the walls throughout the city. The benefit of having legal street art, which may seem counter intuitive to Westerners who oppose the practice, is that since artists have more time to spend on their work without fear of being arrested, the outcome is usually a much more impressive, colorful, and well-thought-out piece than they would create otherwise.

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Cartagena: A Photo Essay

El Reloj Publico

El Reloj Publico at one of the main entrances to the walled city.

This past September I spent an incredible four days in Cartagena. You can have fresh fish on the beach while the salty air embraces your lungs, and the architecture is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The walled city has an abundance of plazas, cute boutiques, ice cream shops, and awesome restaurants. You can get a refreshing jugo de zapote at one of the fruit stands just outside the walls, and a trip up to the summit of La Popa allows you to take in the scope of the city and its liquid borders. Here I’ve collected a few of the photos I took that exemplify the beauty and character of the city.

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