Chiang Mai Street Art Part 1

A cyclops painted on a wall in Chiang Mai

A cyclops painted on a wall in Chiang Mai

For the past few weeks I’ve been hanging out in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, taking a bit of a break from living out of a backpack and hopping on buses every few days. I’ve rented a room at Phra Singh Guesthouse for only 3,500 baht and it’s so nice to have a place to call home for a little while.

I’ve taken advantage of this time to explore some of the less touristy streets and hunt out some street art. The culture here isn’t huge on graffiti and murals, but the few artists that do work around here are pretty prolific. SY is one tag I have seen at least 30 times, and I think he is responsible for the 3D blocks that dot the walls around the city.

Here’s the first batch of photos, another batch coming soon!

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