Argentina: Salta y Alrededores

Tintin, a perfectly straight Incan road leading to Cachi

Tintin, a perfectly straight Incan road leading to Cachi

After spending over two months in Bolivia, I was eager to cross the border into Argentina for some great steak and wine. The Villazon-La Quiaca crossing was the easiest crossing yet, and from La Quiaca I took a bus down to Tilcara. The small town in the Jujuy province had been highly recommended by two American girls I went on a mine tour with in Potosi, and it was an easy stop on the way south to Salta. In Tilcara I hiked around quite a bit. I have to admit, although beautiful, the scenery was a bit redudant with what I had seen in Sucre and Tupiza in Bolivia.

From Tilcara I headed to Salta on a painful 5-hour bus ride that began at 3:30am. I took day trips to Cachi and Cafayate with a tour agency recommended by my hostel in addition to sightseeing around the lovely city center. I must admit I hurried through just a bit and didn’t take so many photos because, again, the scenery was just a bit redundant. Below are some pictures of what I did capture.

4 thoughts on “Argentina: Salta y Alrededores

  1. Sounds like quite an adventure! I understand the feeling of seeing new places which can seem to be redundant in their appearance. I love hiking coastlines, but how many pictures of a giant body of water does one need to share before they all look about the same? Haha

    • Definitely! It’s not to say I didn’t enjoy doing it, I certainly did. But like you said – taking photos just didn’t seem so enticing at the time. In retrospect I wish I’d taken more.

      • I sometimes wish I’d taken more photos as well, but then, if we spent more time snapping photos I suppose we might be spending less time truly experiencing and enjoying the moment and the place we are seeing 🙂

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