Argentina Roundup

Hiking near Garganta del Diablo in Tilcara

Hiking near Garganta del Diablo in Tilcara

I spent only 15 days in Argentina, slightly cut short because of the uncertainty crossing the Mendoza – Santiago border during the winter months. Indeed, I got stuck in Mendoza for several days because the border was closed due to snow and flooding. Luckily, I did finally get across without much fuss! It was a bit difficult to calculate the daily budget in Argentina because of what’s known as the blue market rate. If you have US cash in Argentina, you can exchange your money for a much better rate than if you were to simply go to an ATM or use your credit card. So, my blue market budget was about $34 per day, but my real rate was $47 per day. If you are planning to visit Argentina, I highly recommend bringing US cash in crisp, $100 bills!

The best things I did on this trip to Argentina (my third) were having amazing steak, as always; tasting wine on a bike tour of Maipu; and observing the amazing street art in Mendoza.

I will have to take at least one more trip to Argentina in the future to visit Patagonia, the one major region I have yet to see! One day soon, I hope.

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