Sea Kayaking in Kaş

Kekova Sound viewed from a kayak

Kekova Sound viewed from a kayak

From Datça I took three buses – a 7-hour total journey – to Kaş, which is famous for its sea kayaking around underwater ruins. Kas is much more built up for tourism than Datca and also a bit more expensive. I camped out yet again, this time at Can Mocamp about 2 km outside the town. There were some incredible restaurants along the seafront and I tried some awesome Turkish ravioli and fish dishes.

The sea kayaking tours are ubiquitous. I didn’t do much research about tour operators and just walked into the first one I found, called Phellos. I was happy with the day trip, although the ruins of Kekova were a bit oversold. With the exception of some impressive sarcophagi, the ruins were really just some old walls and piles of rocks. Kekova Sound, however, was truly spectacular with crystal blue water and imposing mountains. It was great to get in a kayak, too, and get some upper body exercise!

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