Malaysia Roundup

The Queen Victoria Clock Tower Memorial in George Town, Penang

The Queen Victoria Clock Tower Memorial in George Town, Penang

I spent only 9 days in Malaysia – all in George Town – and spent an average of $28 per day. As I’m at the end of my year-long trip through three continents, I was quite tired and didn’t do much except eat and ogle street art. It was also really, uncomfortably hot in George Town, so I didn’t have much energy to see tourist spots like Monkey Island or Penang Hill. It was a nice week, though, as I had time to plan for my time at home and also get myself ready for my work and holiday year in Australia, which will commence in May!

I would love to go back to Malaysia one day, particularly to go scuba diving off Borneo or the Perhentian Islands. I have to save something for the future, right?

6 thoughts on “Malaysia Roundup

  1. I’ve not been back to Penang since I was a child, and would love to revisit one day to see the snakes at Kek Lok Si temple and eat a mountain of sea food. The diving off Sipadan is well known, and if you go to Borneo again don’t miss the orang utans at Sepilok! Good luck for your move Downunder – be well prepared to spend more than $28 a day here!

      • Yes – I’ll be staying in Melbourne for at least the first month, but have no real plan besides that! It’s a bit overwhelming, but I’m excited. What do you think is a reasonable budget for a modest, non-alcoholic lifestyle?

      • I live in Sydney so not 100% sure on Melb numbers, but the following should give you an idea:

        Rent in a shared house: $250 a week
        Groceries: $40-50 a week
        Transport: $30 a week

        If you go out, a meal at an average restaurant will be about $20-$30; casual cafes are usually under $20. Definitely indulge in the coffee culture in Melbourne – it’s SO good. The Ozzie flat white is my favourite.

        Try for house listing and casual job listings. Good luck and if you need more info just email me!

      • Awesome, thanks! I love curling up in a coffee house with a good book – so I’ll definitely take advantage of that! I might be in touch again in May when I get there.

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