Historic Ross, Tasmania

Ross Bridge at sunset

Ross Bridge at sunset

I took a pretty big detour to head up to Ross, which is nearly in the middle of Tasmania. I had seen pictures of the famous convict-built bridge and wanted to see it. I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The tiny town (pop. 272) feels completely different from anywhere else I’d been in Tassie and there is loads of history to see. I stayed at the Man O’Ross hotel, which was built in 1825, and it definitely added to the atmosphere.

The bridge is certainly a highlight of the town. It was built in 1836 with excellent craftsmanship and intricate carvings. There are also lovely churches and bakeries.

On my way back to Hobart I stopped at Oatlands, which is home to the Callington Mill. Built in 1837, the mill is still operational today and is the only tower mill of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

4 thoughts on “Historic Ross, Tasmania

    • Definitely! It was my favorite state in Australia. Beautiful, great food, nice people, not too hot, inexpensive. The big downside is that aboriginal culture has been almost entirely eliminated, which is really depressing.

      • Well they’re trying to preserve whatever’s left – the damage was done a long time ago. There’s a museum in Hobart that has a really interesting exhibit on the war.

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