Street Art in Melbourne: Part 3

A electric blue mural of a girl on Croft Alley in Chinatown of Melbourne's CBD

A electric blue mural of a girl on Croft Alley in Chinatown of Melbourne’s CBD

This batch of artwork includes another Adnate mural, a second round of Hosier Lane photos, and some great pieces from around Chinatown, particularly Croft Alley. I love the stencil of Philip Seymour Hoffman on Hosier Lane as well as the futuristic portraits of women, one of which is to the left. Some of the detail in the Croft Alley murals is absolutely incredible, and the colors are outstanding.

If you like these photos, check out batches 1 and 2.

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Street Art in Melbourne: Part 1

A fish mural in Fitzroy, Melbourne

A fish mural in Fitzroy, Melbourne

Street art in Melbourne is – in a word – amazing. The laneways in the CBD and neighborhoods like Fitzroy and Collingwood are havens for artists, many of whom create larger than life murals. Hosier Lane near Federation Square is the most famous and it is constantly changing. I have visited three times over the past three weeks and each time I’ve seen brand new, very impressive pieces. Croft Alley, Centre Place, and Tattersall’s Lane are also good places to check out in the CBD.

Most of these photos were taken in the aforementioned places, and this is the first post of a series of three (at least for now!).

One thing I’ve loved about documenting street art is seeing some familiar tags and murals that are obviously done by artists I’d seen before. In Melbourne’s case, I see some of the same characters that I saw up in Chiang Mai. It’s like an international treasure hunt!

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