Street Art in Melbourne: Part 2

A gigantic mural by Adnate that rises above Tattersall's Lane in Melbourne's CBD

A gigantic mural by Adnate that rises above Tattersall’s Lane in Melbourne’s CBD

This batch of photos comes mostly from Stevenson Lane in the CBD and the neighborhoods of Collingwood and Fitzroy. Some of the most impressive murals (only one of which I was able to get a good photo of) are the gigantic women’s faces done by the extremely talented Adnate. His works are mostly commissioned and they tower above the city streets.

There are some whimsical characters to be found on doorways and next to windows, as well as some environmentally-minded works like the “I’m Getting a Brazilian” sticker.  I quite like the “Now” stencil – a reminder to focus on the present moment – which can be found in various places throughout the city. The images of the iconic Ned Kelly found on Stevenson Lane (off of Tattersall’s Lane) are also great.

This is only a tiny sampling of what can be found on Melbourne’s Streets. A lot of the most impressive works are too big to get proper photos of and simply must be seen in person.

If you like these, check out my first Melbourne street art post. Stay tuned, because there are more to come!

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