Border Crossing: Tacna, Peru to Arica, Chile

The full bus schedule from Arequipa to Tacna, Peru. Current as of April 2013

The full bus schedule from Arequipa to Tacna, Peru. Current as of April 2013

Due to a blockade between Copacabana, Bolivia and La Paz, I changed my planned route from going through Puno to Bolivia to going through northern Chile from Arequipa. It turned out to be a very straightforward and actually enjoyable border crossing (at least with a US passport). Northern Chile was not initially on my itinerary, but I’m glad I got to see at least a small slice of the beautiful desert beaches before heading back to the Andes.

The first step was to take a bus from Arequipa down to Tacna. I chose to go with Flores based on some recommendations from other travelers and the modest price of 25 soles, but there are many other companies that run the same route. The full schedule is posted on the left. I had no trouble getting a ticket for the 6:15 bus on a Friday morning about 15 minutes in advance.

The bus ride to Tacna took about 7 hours and was filled with some nice views of the changing landscape, although Flores insisted on playing incredibly bad and extremely loud movies the entire way.  There is also an agricultural control stop where you will be searched for any fruits and vegetables, so it’s best not to bring these on the trip.

The border control offices in Tacna, Peru

The border control offices in Tacna, Peru

Upon arriving in Tacna, you simply walk to the front of the main bus terminal and there will be many cars lined up outside taking passengers to Chile. It costs 15 soles per person for the ride. The driver will take your passport and print out an immigration card for you, and you must fill in a customs form. Less than 30 minutes later you will arrive at the Peruvian border control. You must make sure you get an exit stamp in your passport, otherwise you may have problems crossing into Chile or other countries! I had no problems with this, but I’ve heard that distracted agents may not stamp both your immigration form and your passport.

After everyone in the car is stamped, you load back up and drive about 1 km to the Chilean border control. Again, this is fairly quick and very straightforward. Your bags will be x-rayed and any remaining plants, fruits, or vegetables will be confiscated. Oh, Arica is inexplicably two hours ahead of Peru, so remember to change your watch!

I made it to Tacna just in time to see the sunset over the Pacific!

I made it to Tacna just in time to see the sunset over the Pacific!

Finally you load back into the car for another 20 minute drive to the main Arica bus station. At this point you should make your way to Hostal Sunny Days, a delightful little hostel located just 3 blocks from the bus station. It’s the best place I’ve stayed in so far on my trip!


13 thoughts on “Border Crossing: Tacna, Peru to Arica, Chile

  1. “although Flores insisted on playing incredibly bad and extremely loud movies the entire way.” I’m afraid this is very typical of most companies here in Peru! I’ve watched some pretty terrible movies on buses during my time here.

    • What was worse, on this trip they played Battleship, Poseiden, and Transporter 2, and then with 40 minutes left until Tacna they put on The Town! Why couldn’t they have put that one on first? I feel like it passengers should be able to vote on the movie, or no movie at all.

  2. Thanks for this very helpful info. I had been searching for the Flores bus schedule for awhile. If all goes as planned I will be on a bus from Arequipa to Tacna tomorrow morning. Glad to hear you had no trouble buying your tix just before departure.

  3. If one wanted to continue from Arica to Santiago the same night or day is this possible and for around how much?!?
    Good info on car pick up, boarder crossing can be confusing with language barriers. Lol. Often I just watch for a few minutes to see what locals are doing.

    • Hi Natasha,

      It is possible to get an overnight bus to Santiago from Arica! I am not sure of the exact schedule or prices, but when they drop you off at the Arica bus station you can just ask at different companies’ kiosks.

      Good luck 🙂


  4. i love you for posting these bus times – getting info on the buses on SA is a nightmare! even though they’re a year old its given me confidence that there are plenty of buses and throughout the day – when i get there i’ll try and add the latest timetables for the next people!

  5. Exactly what I was looking for!! Even 2 and half years after you wrote it ahah. How many hours roughly between Tacna and Arica ultimately? Any idea how to get from Arica to Putre?

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