Peru Roundup

A plate of ceviche in Trujillo

A plate of ceviche in Trujillo

Peru was the first country on my RTW and it made for an excellent start. I spent 24 days in the country and visited five major sites (Lima, Trujillo, Huaraz, Cusco and surroundings, Arequipa and surroundings). My average daily budget was US$50, although I definitely splurged during my time in Cusco on some of the nicer restaurants (Uchu is highly recommended!) and did a bit of shopping.

Four Best Memories:

  • Laguna 69
  • Trying Peruvian delicacies, like aji de gallina and ceviche
  • Colca Canyon
  • Practicing my Spanish, and even learning a little Quechua!

Four Things to Do Next Time:

  • Spend some time at the beach
  • Visit the Nazca Lines
  • Explore the jungle: Iquitos and Manu National Park
  • Do the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (taking the bus due to a bum ankle didn’t really have much magic!)

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