A Day in Zlatibor

The popular weekend resort town of Zlatibor

The popular weekend resort town of Zlatibor

It turns out that the bus system in Serbia is not as extensive as I had hoped, and accurate information about schedules and destinations is extremely difficult to obtain.  As a result, I found myself in the small resort town of Zlatibor en route to Tara National Park because that was the most convenient place I could get to from Belgrade. I took advantage of my day there by hiking and seeing some of the local sights. Although the mountains don’t quite rival the Andes, they were certainly a pleasant respite from the massive cities I’d been in for the previous few weeks.

A historical highlight was the monument to the wounded soldiers of Uzice, which was a rather modern looking stone structure just outside the main town. The defiant inscription on the monument reads: I won’t give you the sun in my eyes. I won’t give you the bread in my hand.

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