Hiking in National Park Tara

A view of National Park Tara from the Crnjeskovo viewpoint

A view of National Park Tara from the Crnjeskovo viewpoint

National Park Tara is a nearly 50,000 acre mountainous hiking and camping spot near the Bosnian border. I spent two days staying at Hotel Omorika (about 17 euro for a single room a night and includes breakfast and dinner) at the edge of the park and went on a few lovely hikes. I saw a fire salamander, great views of the gorges in the area, and loads of gorgeous flowers.

The gem of the park is apparently the Drina Canyon, but unfortunately I did not have a car so I was unable to see it. My advice to somebody interested in this region is to rent a car or hitchhike between towns and parts of the park in order to see as much as possible. I was able to get a direct bus to Tara from Zlatibor, but information about schedules was extremely inaccurate. In fact, I thought I was on a bus to Mokra Gora until I asked the driver and he said the bus went straight to Tara!

Getting out of Tara is fairly easy. There is a 10am bus every day to Uzice, where you can catch regular buses to nearly anywhere else in the country.

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